On May 25, the MEDEF Hauts-de-Seine conference was held at the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar, organized by the Suresnes Business Club and co-hosted by Xavier Boissonnet. . The event was a great opportunity to exchange views with the MEDEF Hauts-de-Seine on how to support companies, particularly in terms of sensitive recruitment/training issues. At the Suresnes Business Club, we believe in the importance of promoting integration through economic activity, which is why we are working together to create significant employment opportunities and put companies in touch with qualified candidates. The KXO Solution Formation learning management system (TMS – LMS), developed by KERTIOS, administers the marketing and management of customized training programs to help professionals develop their skills and adapt to technological change. To find out more about KERTIOS, take a look at the latest release of MEDEF Hauts-de-Seine‘s biannual magazine, “MEDEF-en-Seine” (accessible via this link: We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this conference, in particular Carolyn Occelli, Director of the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar, and Isabelle de CRECY, Deputy Mayor of Suresnes. Also, we would like to thank Lionnel Rainfray, President of MEDEF Hauts-de-Seine, and his team for their presence Marie-Pierre de Servigny-Huré, General Secretary of MEDEF 92, Agnès Chauvet and Véronique MOREL-PALAU, in charge of External Relations for MEDEF 92 and Patrick Puissant in charge of Employment, Integration and Economic Development for the city of Suresnes. It was a real pleasure to share our vision and commitment to business success.